5 Photo Blogs That Make You Go Hmmmm

This post started as “Ten Top Street Photography Blogs.” However, let’s be honest, there are already 100’s of blog post with similar articles, and they all mention identical websites. Instead, here is my list of websites than make you go Hmmmm.

1.  Sewerfresh



Image taken from sewerfresh.com

These guys don’t shoot street. Instead they go UNDER the street and capture images of tunnels and sewers. They are really good at what they do. Check out their site and enjoy the photos, that way you don’t have to go yourself. If you do fancy trying your hand at this very niche genre, then there are plenty of tips to get you started.

2. Muyixiao


Photography and so much more. This is better value for your down time than viewing Bored Panda. I found it while searching for another pair of photographers from Shanghai, who’s names I have forgotten. Who can resist a photo journal story called “Rent a Fake Girlfriend’?

3. Birka Wiedmaier



Photo by Birka Wiedmaier

Birka is a extremely talented photographer and member of the StepOut Photography Collective. Her website includes images of Russia and Berlin. I have just been looking at Birka’s images of Siberia, which reminded me of Moriyama Daido’s work (which is a pretty big compliment).  Speaking of which…

4. Daido Moriyama


You really should be aware of this artist, but probably don’t look at his blog posts often enough. Learn about the early provoke movement, then wonder why we spend so long perfecting images in Photoshop. If you like B&W photography, you will love this.

5. Burn Magazine


This is a website of emerging photographers. Don’t let ’emerging’ fool you. Every photographer is incredibly talented. This is no surprise since the site is moderated by Magnum Photography’s own David Alan Harvey. I would like to get featured here. A lot.

6. Pagespics

An awesome website, but you know that already! That’s all today folks, in the meantime I will leave you with a recent image of my own, taken just as the sun had gone down. This is part of my continuing learning curve (it never stops), where I am adding flash to my Street Photography toolkit.


Yelahanka/ 2018

That’s all for today folks, in the meantime please feel free to add other websites you think may be of interest to our readers in the comment section below.

Take Care and Keep Clicking,  Chris


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