The Indian Photo Festival

The Indian photo festival is currently running in Hydrabad. To attend this event I took a return flight from Bengaluru and spent money on two night’s accommodation. Was it worth it? Oh yes, and it runs until the 7th of October so there is still time to go. The icing on the cake is that this event was completely free. If you can’t (or didn’t) attend the Indian Photo Festival, this article will provide some of the names and exhibitions that were there.

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Screenshot taken from


Nick Ut

Nick Ut is most famous for his images of the Vietnam war. His most well known image is, ‘The Girl In The Picture’. This horrifying image shows a naked girl, flesh burned by napalm, fleeing her village. However, on this occasion it was his image of 7 people on a scooter that caught my attention. As I live in Asia I often see multiple people on scooters and try and capture their image. So far my record is five, and the image is nowhere near as good as Nick’s. Unfortunately, once again, the story behind the image is one of innocent people fleeing war. I owned one of those bikes when living in Vietnam BTW!

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A Photo of a Nic Ut’s Photo. 

You can read a little more about Nick Ut HERE.

APF Magazine

APF magazine is the creation of Vineet and Rohit Vohra. If you are a Street Photographer and have not heard of APF, then you must have been living in the clouds. I had seen some of the featured photos online, and as always, images look so much better in print. This is one group that appears to be having success via its Facebook page.

Rohit Chawla

Chawla has captured portraits of the rich and famous. This exhibition rang my bells as I am currently fascinated by the many different way the face can be framed.


Image captured from an old flyer (not my photo).

Women Photograph (Various)

It was the concept behind this exhibition that grabbed my attention. Here, the idea of the photographer as an insider or outsider was explored. I think any of us explore issues and areas as outsiders, yet long for an insider perspective (then again, maybe that is just me).

What Did I Learn?

My belief is that if we visit a photography festival, then there should be some take away that inspires and helps to grow our work. What struck me the most was ohow the ‘rules’ of photography were so often broken in successful bodes of work. Often it was the strong subject matter that made an image great. We can’t all jump into an area of war-torn savagery just to grab a decent frame. However, it was a strong reminder to look for something interesting.

Thats all for today folks. If you are in India – I urge you to go and have a look!

Keep Clicking, Chris

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