Three Photos to Capture.

“F8 and be there.”

‘F8 and be there,’ is the explanation ‘Weegee’ gave when asked how his photos were so consistent, and it has become something of a mantra for Street and Documentary photographers. When using a Full Frame camera, shooting at F8 ensures everything is in focus. If you are not using full frame, the F number becomes lower. Explore google if you want to know why. This is not a technical article.

Weegee followed a rule, and everybody followed Weeggee. As a result, there is now a heap of Street Photography that all looks the same. It reminds me of a joke I read this morning, ‘How do you milk sheep?’. Answer – ‘release a new iphone.’ Here are three photos you can take if you want to capture something a little different. Don’t worry, there are no more jokes.

Long Exposure Photography


Long Exposure

I am trying to achieve the Licentiate stage for the Royal Society of Photographers. For this I need to demonstrate a range of photos. As I wanted something recent I headed out for some long exposure photography. The technique of capturing long light trails is dead easy. Stick the camera on a tripod, stick it in aperture priority mode, set the ISO to 100-200, and take a photo using a remote shutter release. I found a nice overhead location on a train track, which nearly saw me win a Darwin Award. The above image was captured underneath the same bridge.

Blur That Background



I love Street Portraits, although there are those who claim this genre is not Street Photography at all. In the photo above I opened my aperture to 1.8 and nailed the focus on the eyes. Rather happy with the execution of this photo, the blur has made the eyes POP. Beware, when shooting at a low F-Stop, focus becomes crucial. This style of photography also allows you to have a low ISO, thus attaining a better quality pic.

The Environmental Portrait

A portrait is a photo of someone who has given permission for their image to be captured. An environmental portrait shows the subject in the environment they’re in. I have tried arguing against these definitions. However, they appear to be written in stone by people with far greater experience than me. Below is a travel photo I captured just off the Streets in Southern India. I think it can justifiably fall under the category of Environmental Portrait. Plus I like cows….


Milking Time


Hopefully this will inspire you to go out and try something new. Remember – a rut is a coffin without any ends!

Thats all today folks, take care and keep clicking,


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One Comment on “Three Photos to Capture.

  1. The street portrait is gorgeous. Also I really like the “Im looking at you looking at me” shot with the cow. Keep snapping.


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