More Lens Culture Feedback

I did not win again!

Well I failed to win yet another Lens Culture competition. The level of skill in these competitions is incredibly high so I am not too distraught. In the words of Chumbawamba, ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again’. As with everything, we live and we learn.

Here are the photos I entered. I will post the review below…

Lens Culture Feedback

So there…

Maybe I will win the next one. However, some encouraging words and some valuable advice.  Off to Varanasi tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some more photos on the way.

Take care and keep clicking,


Olympus (1 of 1)

3 Comments on “More Lens Culture Feedback

  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t win but I did fully enjoy your photos! Keep on trying though. Wins and losses are only subjective. You are already a winner among us and thank you sharing your photos! And please keep on sharing them! MZ

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  2. Good critique is worth 1 million likes. I am sure that feedback will help next time you go out shooting in Varanasi. The girl with the laundry at the grave is my favorite.

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