Children’s Stories Exhibition

An exhibition in Moscow is currently featuring two of my Street Photographs. The body of work being displayed focuses on the theme of, ‘children’. This exhibition has been curated by the Moscow Encyclopaedia Foundation and the Regional Public Organization of Assistance cultural and historical heritage of Moscow “Moscow and Muscovites.”

Quite a mouthful!


The two images selected from my portfolio include a child sat on a large chair, which was situated at the end of an alley. This image was captured in Pudong, Shanghai and is part of a body of work that focused on the lanes, or ‘Longtangs’ that remain in the city. Shanghai is rapidly undergoing ‘modernisation’, and these lanes, and the lifestyle that co-exists with them, are rapidly vanishing.

Boy On Chair (Pudong/ Shanghai)


The second image, of a girl in red, was taken in my current home of Bangalore, India. The colours of India continue to inspire my street photography and draw me away from mainstream black and white this genre so often encourages.

Girl In Red (Bangalore)

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank Alexander Tarasenkov for the work he has put into this exhibition, and for offering the opportunity to submit my images for consideration.

That’s all folks. Take care and keep clicking.


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