10 Travel Photography Annoyances

Stunning locations, exotic food and beautiful people. What is there not to like about Travel Photography? Here are ten annoying things that face travel photographers. As always, please don’t take it too seriously! The photos accompanying this article come from a recent evenings photo shoot in Patong, Thailand.

Beer O’Clock

No’1 Scams

This is fresh on my mind, since I had my wallet pickpocketed in Patong. Pickpockets come in all shapes and sizes, and often you don’t realise you’ve been robbed. I am pretty sure my missing wallet had something to do with two passing ladyboys who took an unsolicited grope at my nether regions. Other scams include, ‘that tourist spot is closed today’, ‘you have broken this and now must pay’ and ‘please go into this shop as I will get petrol coupons’.

No’2 The Breakfast Buffet

The buffet breakfast is never ready for when we head out to capture the sunrise. Return from a mornings shoot, the offerings are generally on the last legs. Chicken sausages that have sat in warm water for three hours anyone? Coffee and a rock hard danish can be the best solution.

Feet on the Table

No’3 Power Problems

It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra batteries. By having a spare, you can shoot all day, and leave your spare on charge. Unfortunately, most hotels require you to leave your key in a slot to keep the power on, which means there is not electricity when you go out. On returning to your room, that battery you placed on charge is still flashing a red-warning light. Grrrrr

No’4 Dodgy Internet Connections

In remote areas, even the best hotels have dodgy internet connections. There is nothing worse than not being able to finish what you have st

Getting an Earful

No’5 Jet Lag

Sometimes it works for you, making those early morning starts a breeze. However, mostly it doesn’t.

No’6 Diarrhoea

It can mess up many a well-planned photo shoot. There is nothing worse than having to head back to your hotel after 10 minutes because you need a loo. Diarrhoea can be caused by an errant bite of street food, or just from too much travelling. Open toilets in China, and overflowing toilets in Bangladesh are my personal worst experiences. Medication stops the symptoms, but not that cause. Drink lots of water.

No’7 Airport Security

By the time you have got your laptop, computer, ipad, phone, cameras and spare batteries out of your bag, was it ever worth packing? Then there are the Visa’s, and is your passport all correct….

The Honky Tonk Bar

No’8 Clean Clothing

Camera gear takes up space and gets heavy. It feels unfair that we also need to bring spare clothing. Underpants can last 4 days; just wear them front ways, back ways, then turn them inside out and repeat. There is a legend of one photographer who found a mythical fifth way, but I am yet to discover his (or her) method. Actually, this may be a guy thing, not sure how it would work with a thong.

No’9 Hotel Bookshelves

Have Kindle, will travel. However, I prefer a paperback that can be left by the pool and cannot be killed by spilt red wine. Why is it the hotel bookshelf always gets filled with romantic novels written in German? I am sure they start of as books that would be more interesting to me, then strangely morph.

No’10 ???

There really is no number 10, or maybe you could add your own ideas of what has annoyed you when traveling? Travel photography is by far the most fun genre of the game. I hope this tongue in cheek post will not stop anyone from packing light and heading out with their camera. Today I revisit Patong for some street photography. Hopefully I will not lose my wallet this time!

That’s all folks, stay Keep Clicking, Chris

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