Street Photography Mysore

I realise that I am half way through an article of 10 tips for travel photography. It will get finished. One day… In the meantime I have just returned from a weekend in Mysore, a growing city in South India. While there I managed to undertake an early morning’s Street Photography in Mysore’s historic market place.



Mysore market reminded me of why I love colour. Flowers, fruit, colourful Saris and sun beaming through shade shelter. At 5.30am my photographic mind was on auto-pilot, and it was not till I arrived home and started to post process my images, that I realised the wonderful colour combinations that had been captured.

Hues of Reds and Blues


I love simplicity in photos. However, India is not a simple place to photograph. It is busy, hectic and full of life. One way to make sense of this craziness is to organise the frame into layers. This means making sure there are multiple focus points for the viewer to observe. To do this, crank up both the ISO and your fstop. Study the work of Alex Webb if you want to see how a master of photography approaches this method.

F8 and be there.

Up Close and Personal

Busy places are full of people. Hang around and interesting characters will start passing without giving you a second look. Looking bored can help. Another tip is to pretend to be studying the back of your camera, then take your photo from the hip. Often, just finding a place with good light and waiting for someone to walk into the frame will produce an image to be proud of.

Candid Face Pic

Go Bananas

If you find yourself by a busy market, don’t neglect to explore the surrounds, as this is often where the action is. I was fortunate to stumble upon a courtyard full of bananas. When you find yourself in a situation like this, milk it for all it’s worth. Often on a shoot you will only get an opportunity like this once or twice. I also thought it would look cool opening and ending this post with a fruity theme.

Go Bananas

That is all for today folks. Next week I will finish my 10 tips for Travel Photography. Honest!

Take care and keep clicking, Chris

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