10 Tips for Better Travel Photography. Part 2

Firstly, thanks to Brenda for pointing out that for most of these tips, you do not really have to travel far. This brings me to my first discussion point…

Long Distance Travel not required!

Bangalore City Market – 30 Minutes travelling time from home

Do you really need to travel long distances for travel photography? I would argue that you do not. One of my learning pathways took part though a travel photography course. Many of the assignments on this course had to be completed during times when travel was not a viable option. It can be hard to predict what is in the eye of the beholder of a photograph, but a final image gives no clue as to the home of the photographer.

Capture the Cityscape


Street Photography creates its own skill set, and time spent pacing the sidewalk is time well spent. Travel Photography makes additional demands. It is always worth capturing a powerful cityscape. Seek local knowledge, as there are always secret spots that will enable you to create something a little different. The above image involved dodging a security guard and climbing 5o floors of a building under construction. A tripod was needed for the above cityscape and is a tool well worth packing (buy a light one!). In addition to a tripod, make sure to bring a selection of lenses.

Take a Selection of Lenses

As a Street Photographer, I will spend weeks with a 50mm, or 35mm lens stuck to my camera. This changes when I travel longer distances. Travel photography is about telling a story, and using a different lens will add a new perspective. One way to ring the changes is to have an extreme wide angle lens, while a focal length of 50 – 85mm can be useful for portraiture.

Get Lost!

Get lost, but in a nice way of course. There are guidebooks for every city under the sun. However, guidebooks will always lead to paths well trodden. Go down that alley, climb those dusty stairwells and hangout with the locals sipping coffee. Avoid the tourist traps. Always look and see what the locals are doing, where they are going, and imagine what they see through their eyes.

Travel Far And Wide


This contrasts with No’1. However, while you don’t have to travel far to be a travel photographer – it helps certainly helps! Travel opens the mind and will add to your personal wealth. And here I refer to wealth in terms of experience, as financially travel is quite hard on the pocket. Pack as light as you can and wear sturdy shoes. Talk with locals, eat street food and find your own story.

This article will be filed, edited and placed in the ‘Beginners Corner’ section of this website, which can be found on my homepage. This section of Pagespics will help those of you that are just starting with Street, or Travel Photography.

Incase you missed it, here is the link for Part 1 of this article.

Keep Clicking, Chris

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