KR Market Re Visited

KR Market in Bangalore remains one of my favourite local photography locations. At first glance, the market appears an area of complete chaos. However, scratch under the surface and there is a structure that supports multiple industries, individuals and businesses. Many of my photographs are headshots, but recently I have been working on creating images that tell a bigger picture.


Tell a Story

One of the principal industries at this location is the flower market. Each morning tonnes of flowers are auctioned off in the main area. These flowers are then strung together into long decorative strands. This work is undertaken by individuals for less that 100 rupees a day.

Flower Man

The next stage embellishes these strings of flowers, as seen in the image above. Lastly, there is one corner of the market that arranges ornate carnations into carriages and displays which are used for funerals, parties and weddings.

Spice and Dyes

Around the market you will find 100’s of other small businesses, ranging from sugarcane to electrical tools. Each area of the market appears to have its own specialist niche. For those with toothache, there is even an on-street dentist who will carry out the most complex denture work for free.


The photos with this article come from my last trip to KR Market. I often capture multiple headshots, and believe a single face can tell multiple stories. I also enjoy minimalist photography, and a headshot against a plain or textured background will always help a subject stand out. However, my current ‘aim’ is to tell more of a story, which leads to greater inclusion of the environment within each frame.


Samyang 35mm 2:8

One way to show the ‘bigger picture’ is to use a wider lens, and recently I have been experimenting with the Samyang 35mm 2:8 lens. At less than $300, this represents a bargain for Sony full-frame shooters. The Samyang 35mm lens is not as fast as I would like and I wish it opened up to 1.8, which would make it much better for shooting in the early hours of dawn. However, I am impressed with the results so far.

Seeing the wider picture


If you are interested in a photographic tour of KR market, do contact me. Just be warned, it is at its best at 5.30am or earlier. Fortunately I know the best place for coffee in all of Bangalore, and it only costs 10 rupees a cup.

Thats all for today folks. Keep Clicking, Chris

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