2021: A School Yearbook

Not an awful lot of photography in 2021, which has been (as for many of us) a bit of a topsy turvy year! One successful photography project has been the completion of a school yearbook for Ngata Memorial College, where I have been teaching Mathematics. The students were fantastic and I am missing them all heaps!

Ngata Memorial College is on the East Coast of NZ, in Ruatoria, one of the first places in the world to see the sun. It is home to the Ngati Porou, a Maori iwi descended from Maui and Paikea (the whale rider). The area and people are steeped in culture and tradition. Of course, this means there were ample opportunities for photography.

Here are some snippets from the completed school yearbook!

Traditional v Contemporary Fashion

Kapa haka



Well that is the first post for a while. My New Years Resolution will be to post more often, maybe heading back to a once a week target. However, once more my genre of choice is affected by my surrounds and exotic travel is still off the cards for now. My NEW home is Gisborne, which is still on the East Coast of NZ. It is a bit of a surfing mecca, so expect sunset pics and rolling waves!

Thanks to all the students who made the yearbook such a special project!

Bye for now. Keep clicking,


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