Ruatoria on an iphone


It has been a while since my last blog post. However, I have still been clicking away. My go-to camera at the moment has become my iphone. Phone photography has never really been my ‘thing’, but appears to be my tool of choice at the moment!

Landscape Photography on an Iphone

I really did not think that landscape photography was a thing, until I spotted someone selling a course on it! The quality of the photographs do not match up to what I take with my decent gear (Sony A7iii), but I tend to have my phone on me when I walk the dog.


It is taking a while to break into more people photography. Ruatoria is a small town and you cannot wave the camera around like you do in the city. A Bruce Gilden approach would likely end in a broken nose! Fortunately there are plenty of animals to work with.


I have lost the battle of keeping Lulu out of my pics of Ruatoria. She is likely to be a regular feature on this site. Who knows, I may make it big as the next dog photographer. At least my photos will have something that is unique!

Life’s a Beach

The picture above is one of my favourite locations, and is now inaccessible as the road has been swept away by flooding! This photo is taken where the Ruatoria township used to be, as at some point in history, the entire town was moved inland. The pace of my photography here is s-l-o-w, possible as my job is more demanding then when I was in either India of China. However, the town has it’s charm and is proving to be a wonderful area for photography.

Keep tuned and I will start to post a little more of what is happening with my photography in Ruatoria.

Keep clicking, Chris

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One Comment on “Ruatoria on an iphone

  1. Love the derelict building Chris. Interesting to read about your experience shorting in NZ. Liz


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