Ruatoria on an iphone


It has been a while since my last blog post. However, I have still been clicking away. My go-to camera at the moment has become my iphone. Phone photography has never really been my ‘thing’, but appears to be my tool of choice at the moment!

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Silence of the lambs

Warning: Graphic Content

This is the first post I have written for months, so excuse me if I am a little rusty. Firstly let me warn you – this post has graphic content and contains photos of home killed meat. Here is a photo of the car that the dead lambs were taken away in. After this photo, the images get quite graphic. Please STOP scrolling if you think you may be offended. For those of you that care, I took all these photos with a 50mm prime lens, which is my go to favourite atm. The location is close to my current home: Ruatoria, on the East Coast of New Zealand.

Lionel’s Truck
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