B+W vs Color (Again)

Photographing India

India is heading into the summer, and it is getting seriously hot. This weekend I headed out at 3.30pm and was roasted alive. The summer months are going to force my shooting to the early mornings and late afternoons, which is possibly a good thing as the light is excellent at these times of the day. On another note, my youtube channel is taking off with eight subscribers! Maybe the midday can be used to work on my vlogging skills – they need it! Here is the link my channel, which is in its very early days.


Mother and Child

Mother and Child

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10 Reasons To Shoot in Colour

A Short (and not very serious) tale…

A photographer spent the day walking around with a camera slung over his shoulder and the lens cap left off. Towards the end of the afternoon, the photographer sat down for a coffee and realised that his camera had been in timer mode, taking random shots every 30 seconds. Many people would have worried that this may have wasted the battery, or left a nightmare on the camera’s memory card. However, this photographer quickly processed the photos in high contrast black and white and managed to pass them off as Street Photography.


In Dad’s AutoRickshaw

OK, this story is probably not true, and is one I read a long time ago. Many Street Photographers work very well with B+W and produce stunning images. Tri X film grain looks gorgeous, and there are film pre-sets that re-create the B+W analog look with increasing success. However, an image does not become a successful Street Photograph just because it is B+W, no matter how the grain or contrast increases. Of course, NOT converting a colour photo to black and white does not automatically make a great picture. Next week I will look at some of the ways we can tweak our colour choices to make images more pleasing. In the meantime…

10 Reasons To Shoot Colour

So, without further fuss. Here are the reasons why colour is your friend.

Daffodils (Tulips at a push).
Children with red balloons
Red Lips and Blue Eyes
Sunrise (and sunset)
Fruit and Flower Markets
Street Art
Red Buses and Yellow Bicycles

Orange Juice

Fresh Orange Juice

Why Shoot Black and White?

Colour film was invented in 1907 by Auguste and Louis Lumiere and became commercially viable in 1935 with the launch of Kodachrome. Newspapers first turned to colour in 1954. The internet, movies, books, and magazines are all colour. However, Street Photographers love B+W, often for a good reason. The monochromatic image is a simplified version of what we see. Simplified photos can intensify the subject and help the viewer focus on the framing of the image. Also, Bresson shot in B+W and if it was good enough for him? In truth, I love a great B+W photo, but let’s remember to celebrate colour!

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Photographing People

I have had a couple of experiences this week that have made me think about how we capture images of people. The first incident related to the photo below, which I posted online in a public area. Someone commented that Muslim women do not like their picture taken and do not like their images published. Further to this I was asked if I had sought permission to take the image, and was a release form signed?


A release form is not required. I was also very close to the subject and felt she was comfortable with me continuing to take her photo. This was not a hurried shot.

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Consumers, Producers and Collaborators.

This week I have spent two days looking at technology in the classroom. During this time there was a significant focus on Ipad use in schools. Many creatives, such as Trey Ratcliff are leaving Apple for PC alternatives. However, while Apple may be losing numbers in the creative industry, it would appear that they are securing a future in education. One of the ‘big ideas’ coming from these workshops is the way technology is positioning users as consumers, producers, and collaborators. As with so many situations where I find myself in a teaching and learning situation, I draw parallels with how my professional life links with photography.


Biker on the Classic Royal Enfield.

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3 Tips to Stretch Your Street Photography

Weekly Roundup!

There are a couple of noteworthy things that have happened this last week. I have been published in Linklens, a site run by my friend Renaud. Linklens is a fantastic site and features many talented photographers. Go check it out and follow.

Secondly, I have started my own Youtube channel, and I am planning to Vlog once a week. Here is the link to my first ever pagespics Youtube post!

These achievements are helping me to move from my safe zone, speaking of which.

Lady grabbing lunch

Lady Grabs Lunch. Yelahanka, Bangalore.

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Check your diopter adjustment.

This Week In Pictures.

100% Keepers taken:   4/5  

Silly mistakes made: 1 (I inadvertently twisted my diopter adjustment).

Weight loss since 2017: 4.1kg (really happy with this!)


Spice Dealer, Mysore

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Street Photography, Friends and Family.

This week in Pictures

‘Keepers’ taken since last blog post = 11

Silly mistakes made  = 3
Forgetting to charge my Olympus batteries – twice! Recorded my first Vlog – all out of focus.

Total Weight loss since 2017 = 2kg (only .5kg lost this week)

portrait (1 of 1)

Boy. Taken while getting my Motorbike serviced. (A Royal Enfield)

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