Pace and Street Photography

This weekend I will be returning to KR Market, which is one of my favourite locations in Bangalore for shooting Street. The market is a vibrant and colourful place, full of noise and bustle. The location is a challenge, as I enjoy capturing clear lines and clutter-free images. Often, I come away with only few keepers. However, the location is steeped in history and I feel it is worthy of a photo-book at some stage. As I keep returning with similar photos, I feel a clear focus on my own skillset is required. This weekend I am going to focus on pace.

KR Market is full of colour!

Street Photographers work at different speeds. There are those who athletically dart from one corner to the next, taking photos and moving on fast. A energetic pace can help capture people unaware, resulting in a candid image as the subject has not had time to register the photographer. Working at this pace can also produce photos of a startled strangers, who were unprepared for a camera to suddenly be thrust into their faces.

The Decisive Moment

The next style of Street Photography has grown from Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’. This style of shooting requires patience. The photographer finds an interesting frame, and imagines how it would look with the right person walking into shot. Then the photographer sits (or stands) and waits until the image comes together. There are those who practice this skill so much their shoes grow roots and over time they turn to stone.

Wait for the right guy (or girl) to come along.

My own pace is probably somewhere in-between. I lack the energy for the high pace Parkour style photography and do not have the patience to stand waiting for the perfect frame. However, my meandering style is failing to bring home the proverbial bacon. This weekend I will embrace stillness, I will find that backdrop, chill the heck out and wait for my shot. I will create images that will put my name next to Bresson’s when discussion one again turns to the decisive moment.

Or maybe not…

A Challenge

On that note, I challenge you to go out and shoot at a different pace. Try going to the extremes and seeing how your photos look when you change your speed. Feel free to email any photos and I can feature them on this blog. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Take care and keep clicking,


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