Bargain Books in Bangalore

It is often said, ‘buy books not gear’. This is not necessarily always the best idea, for instance, a good quality 50mm 1:4 lens will capture better photos than a well-read copy of The Hobbit screwed to the front of your camera. However, books are a brilliant source of information and inspiration. In addition, looking at a printed image beats an online photo every time!

Portrait captured with a camera and not a book!
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Pace and Street Photography

This weekend I will be returning to KR Market, which is one of my favourite locations in Bangalore for shooting Street. The market is a vibrant and colourful place, full of noise and bustle. The location is a challenge, as I enjoy capturing clear lines and clutter-free images. Often, I come away with only few keepers. However, the location is steeped in history and I feel it is worthy of a photo-book at some stage. As I keep returning with similar photos, I feel a clear focus on my own skillset is required. This weekend I am going to focus on pace.

KR Market is full of colour!
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Photographing People

I have had a couple of experiences this week that have made me think about how we capture images of people. The first incident related to the photo below, which I posted online in a public area. Someone commented that Muslim women do not like their picture taken and do not like their images published. Further to this I was asked if I had sought permission to take the image, and was a release form signed?


A release form is not required. I was also very close to the subject and felt she was comfortable with me continuing to take her photo. This was not a hurried shot.

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